Modular Touch Lights Pawstressisgone
Modular Touch Lights Pawstressisgone
Modular Touch Lights Pawstressisgone
Modular Touch Lights Pawstressisgone


Modular Touch Lights

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Tired of boring lamps?

Tired of the same old, boring lamps and light fixtures and yearning for something super unique, more exciting and a whole lot of fun? Well, then we've got the perfect light fixture for you! These remarkable hexagon modular touch lights are all of the above and a whole lot more!

Add a futuristic and funky touch to your office or living space with this multifaceted lighting solution. Construct and create any design with these hexagonal magnetic LED lights. Featuring touch-sensitive technology, this versatile light fixture adds a whole new dimension to your decor!

What you’ll get:

  • A personalized feel to the room: Personalize your space with these ultra-modern and sophisticated designed modular touch wall lights that are sure to inspire as well as impress. The magnetic edges of these lights stick to each other magically and turn on a single pat of the hand.

  • Choice of different combinations: You can form countless combinations with these hexagonal touch lights. Order more than one pack and combine them in interesting patterns to uplift the elegance of your room. No matter where you hang them, they will be irresistibly touchable.

  • Enlivened room wall: Turn your dull blank wall into an artistic production with these hexagon tap lights. Each modular touch wall light measures 115mm or 4.52” wide.

  • Eco-friendly lights: These hexagon modular touch lights are eco-friendly. They don't need much power to run, which means they're better for the environment, so you don't have to feel guilty for using them.

How Does It Work?

  • Each and every LED tile can be connected together by magnets. Attach them to one another in patterns or pull them apart and rearrange them into a whole new design. Have your lights up on the wall and work within minutes.

  • You decide the level of brightness of these touch sensitive modular lights. Whether you need a lot of light for reading, or a little less for a more relaxed mood, these modular touch lights have you covered. Each tile can be turned off and on, individually, so you control how bright or dim you want the room.

  • Each tile features a touch sensor that detects when you come in contact with it! The proximity sensor allows you to touch the lights with any part of your body to turn them off and on.

  • You choose how you want to hang them! We provide two different options. There are holes in place, in the back of each light, or you can use the sticky pads that are included with your order.


  • Touch-sensitive & magnetic hexagonal tiles
  • Attach multiple tiles with the magnetic edges
  • Illuminate separate tiles according to the need

Package includes 10 HEX lights 

Life is too short to live without the Modular Touch Lights. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 19, 2024